MammothHD-3D News
5.25.13 new Surfing from underwater - added to the Sports Gallery
5.24.13 new Fire/Sparks and Wild Fire - added to the Fire Gallery
5.4.12 added: Car Shows (featuring Pebble Beach and George Burris Shows) - in the MISC Galleries
5.3.12 new releases: New York City (Central Park and TImes Square) - added to the Cities Galleries
5.2.12 new Drift Racing - added to the Sports Gallery
5.1.12 new additions: Bikini Car Wash - added to the Lifestyle/People Gallery
11.29.11 MHD3D expands the Animal/Wildlife Gallery with the Farm Animals (Cows, Goats, Geese.....) Gallery
11.28.11 added: Niagara Falls - featuring American and Horseshoe Falls
11.25.11 Los Angeles, California and Toronto, Canada are added to the MHD/3D Cities Gallery
11.22.11 added to the Sports Gallery: Rodeo: Bull Riding, Show Horse Jumping and Horse Racing
11.21.11 added to the Cities Gallery: Long Beach, California
8.10.11 Chevy Volt (car) Manufacturing - AssemblyLine - Factory added to the Miscellaneous Gallery
8.8.11 Caribbean Reef Sharks/Bahamas added to the Underwater/Ocean Life Gallery
6.10.11 Spain - The Dino at Hemesferic And Palau De Les Arts, La Lonja de la Seda de Valencia and more.... added to the World Locations Gallery
5.16.11 KIDS - playing, blowing bubbles, (bubbles guns) and riding bikes (training wheels)
5.12.11 New additions - Snow Falling (Weather/Clouds Gallery), Dogs and Thailand's Erawan Waterfalls in Erawan National Park
4.27.11 Kids and TimeLapse Clouds added...
4.6.11 Thailand Elephants and Riding Elephants in Thailand added....
4.4.11 The 2011 MHD/3D-Stereoscopic Demo/Show Reel is now online. This is the online Anaglyph (Red/Cyan) version.
3.21.11 Sky Diving added to the Sports Gallery - freefall and group spin...... plus Golf and in the Aviation/Aerials Gallery we add Aerials of a Vineyard and Golf Course
2.23.11 New POV Driving Clips added - Snow Covered Mountain Roads........
2.09.11 World Locations Gallery opens with TimeLapse of Finland, Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
1.17.11 MHD/3D's 2010 DemoReel is now available for Download. 1280x720/Side-by-Side in m4v (quicktime Apple TV format)
1.12.11 Hot Air Balloons (Recreation Gallery) and more Clouds (Weather/Clouds Gallery) added
1.4.11 Expansion of the Cities Gallery with Atlanta, Georgia - featuring skyline, street traffic and buildings....
1.3.11 New POV Driving Shots Added - Include Joshua Trees National Park, Mountain Roads and a City Street (Palm Springs), also added Joshua Trees National Park in the National Park Gallery
12.15.10 more Creeks and Rivers added to the Water Gallery and a few new Clouds to the Weather Gallery
12.14.10 Wetlands and Creeks added to the MHD/3D Library
11.22.10 Glass Scuplture/Water Fountain added to the Miscellaneous Gallery and more Tropical Flowers and Plants to the Nature Gallery
11.19.10 Botanical Garden/Water Lilies added to the Nature Gallery
11.18.10 Earth from Space in the new 3D/CG Animation Gallery, also added Alligator and Alligator Skeletons, and Swamp Scenics......
11.17.10 new additions to the Wildlife/Animal Galleries - Indian and African Elephants
11.15.10 new additons in the Sunset Gallery (Southern River and Clouds)
11.2.10 new additions to the Wildlife/Animal Galleries - Meerkat (Suricate), Gorillas and Flamingos.
11.1.10 Aquarium 3D shot in RED 4K - featuring Beluga Whales, Giant Japanese Spider Crabs, Red Piranha and Amazonian Discus Fish
10.30.10 Aquarium shot in RED 4K - Whalesharks, MantaRays, Hammerhead Sharks, Pacific Sea Nettles, Fish, Kelp Forests and more......
9.21.10 Great Sand Dunes National Park Gallery expands with Medano Creek... and more 'Dogs chasing sticks' added.
9.14.10 new additions: Arches National Park, Utah (National Park Gallery) - Featuring Double Arch, South Window Arch, Park Avenue and more..... Dogs, Horses and Elk (wapiti) in the Animal/Wildllife Gallery.
9.9.10 Rock Climbing (Sports Gallery) is expanded along with more Monument Valley..... and Horses (Animal/Wildlife Gallery)
9.2.10 B-17 Flying Fortress and B-24 Liberator World War II Aircraft added to the MHD-3D Aviation Gallery
8.31.10 Caribbean Reef Sharks, Black Nose Shark and Tropical Fish on Florida Coral Reef added to the OceanLife/Underwater Gallery
8.30.10 POV Dricing Gallery - adds Driving Joshua Tree National Park, California (shot on RED)
8.28.10 ...additonal Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park- Utah clips added to the US Locations Gallery
8.26.10 MHD-3D Footage will be featured at IBC in Amsterdam in September - AJA (Kona Graphic Cards), Sony Creative Software (Vegas Pro) and Digital Rapids (Broadcast encoding) will be showing MammothHD-3D footage in their respective booths during the show.....
8.24.10 The Wildlife Gallery expands with Elk/Wapiti in Colorado clips.
8.23.10 Rocky Mountain - Mtn.Goats and more Creek/Water clips added
8.20.10 Alligators, Snakes, Dragonflies, Caterpillars, Swamps, Waterfalls, Creeks and Mountain Lakes added
8.19.10 Fire Gallery added
8.18.10 Mountain Goats (Wildlife) Gallery expands.......
8.17.10 Additions posted to the National Park Gallery's - Great Sand Dunes, Mesa Verde and Arches Galleries
3.17.10 NEW - Storm Clouds in the Weather/Cloud Gallery, Sunrises in the Sunrise/Sunset Gallery.
8.16.10 New Galleries Added: Recreation - featuring Fly Fishing and Horseback Riding, Water - featuring Waterfalls. The Animal/Wildlife Gallery expands with Mtn.Goats, Bison, Horses and Dogs. The Sports Gallery adds Rock Climbing.
8.15.10 Atlantic Spotted Dolphins added to the MHD3D Oceanlife/Underwater Gallery
8.14.10 Great Sand Dunes National Park - Colorado, is added to the MHD3D US National Park Gallery
8.13.10 Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park- Utah introduction US Locations Gallery is posted along with new additions to Arches National Park, Bridge Jumping in the LifeStyle Gallery and SailPlane Take-off in the Aviation Gallery.
8.12.10 Arches National Park - Utah launches the MHD3D US National Park Gallery
8.11.10 Colorado Railroad Museum - Trains, Tracks, Railraod Crossing Signs and more...... Trains/Railroad Gallery
8.10.10 New Material is NOW in EDIT.... National Parks, Sports, Wildllife and much more - new additions should be added every few days.
8.10.10 Steam Trains launches the new Trains Gallery, another new addition to the MHD-3D Galleries is Nature Gallery with the 1st posting - Potted Plants/Flowers
5.28.10 Bottlenose Dolphin clips added to the OceanLife/Underwater Gallery
5.14.10 MammothHD-3D welcomes AJA Video Systems as a ProductionPartner and Sponsor ( AJA makes the Kona3 Capture and Display Cards along with other video/audio capture, editing, production and adapters solutions. The AJA Kona 3 Cards are used in the Mammoth HD - 3D Edit suite for driving the 3D display panels.
4.6.10 New additons added include: Butterflies, Hippos, Texas Longhorn Cattle.
4.5.10 The MHD-3D Library expands with new Underwater/Fish, TimeLapse, Scenics, Sunset/Sunrise and Aviation Clips.
1.5.10 MammothHD-3D is pleased to announce the Partnership/Sponsor Cineform the creators of Cineform Neo3D to the MammothHD-3D Library. We will be using Neo3D as our primary 3D Tools set and Codecs for aquisition, editing and delivery of the 3D Footage. For more information on Cineform and Neo3D - please visit the Cineform website (
12.15.09 The Site (domain) is launced as a placeholder while we prep for the Grand Opening - Spring 2010
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